Glass & Auto Glass Fitters

In the event that your windscreen or any glass in your home or business is damaged, please give us a call or see our claims section for the procedure. Please be advised that in cases where the damage to the windscreen is small say the size of a ten cent coin, known as ''Bulls Eye'', where a crack has not yet run, invariably, these can be repaired very successfully without removing or replacing the windscreen. Such repairs are excess free thus saving you the cost of the excess payable to the fitter/supplier. Have such damage assessed by the fitters immediately as delaying can result in the damage spreading and then the windscreen will need to be replaced.

These are the recommended fitters/suppliers by Insurers.

National Glass

National Glass is a leader in the South African Glass distribution and processing arena supplying the domestic, industrial and commercial markets. National Glass also exports to Africa and welcomes all glass trade enquiries. National Glass distributes Float Glass, Patterned Glass, Mirrors and Safety (performance, laminated and toughened) Glass from our warehouses and factories strategically situated across South Africa. National Glass also manufactures insulated glass (IG), also known as double glazing units.

PG Glass

PG Glass is the leader in the Southern African automotive and building glass industry, with over 120 fitment centres across the region. At PG Glass, your safety comes first. That�s why our repair and replacement experts use only the most trusted glass products: Shatterprufe, SmartGlass and the highest-quality float glass. We also guarantee workmanship of the highest standards.


We have over 120 fitment centres located throughout Southern Africa, including Botswana & Namibia. At all our fitment centres you will find trained technicians, highly skilled in the art of repairing and replacing motor, residential and commercial glass and related products.