Claims Procedure - What do I do?

In the event that you need to claim against your policy, whether it be a motor accident, or loss or damage to property, the team will endeavour to process the claim as quickly and efficiently as possible, putting you back into the position before the loss or damage occurred.

Claims do differ. Please read below and follow the appropriate guideline for your cliams, as they will assist us in settling your claim speedily and efficiently.

Motor Accident Claim

At the accident scene try to obtain the following details :- Date, Time, Place of accident. Third Party's Name, address, telephone number, ID No: description of their vehicle ie make, model, registration number, extent of damage to their vehicle...

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Motor Theft Claim

Report the theft to SAPS immediately & obtain a Case Reference Number. Complete the Motor Theft claim form in full sign and fax/email to us. Locate keys, remotes & spare keys...

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Windscreen and Glass Claim

Go to any windscreen glass fitment centre. They will supply you with a claim form. They will contact us directly for authority to replace or repair your windscreen...

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Property Loss or Property Damage Claim

Complete Claim Form in full and fax to us. Obtain quotes for replacement & attach copies of invoices, instruction manuals of the items as proof of ownership. Cell phone claims if lost or stolen must be reported to SAPS...

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